About us

Our organization is running Baseball, Softball academy of India from 1998. On Oct. 2007 Sanjay Khatuja an employee of M&M Motors tell us about world’s biggest youth programme Little League International, then through net we contacted Mr. B.H. Chaw, Regional Director of Asia pacific League at Hongkong. He forwarded our application to Little League International at USA then Mr. Daniel Velte, League Developer and Pat Watson, Vice-President had contacted us and demanded few documents then they asked Mr. Joel Ehrendrich, First Political Secretary of USA Embassy in India. He approached us and he is really a person who love baseball he support us lot and really he is the person who charge us, he support us in all manners after that Little League International gave us approval and charter us.

Then Anoop Kumar and Dinesh Yadav attend meeting of Asia Pacific Little League in Hong Kong. After that India participated in Asia Pacific Championship at Hong Kong along with 12 team members and in meanwhile Mr. Joel Ehrendrich started Little League in US embassy and he give chance to 12 players and 10 umpires for New Delhi and at present with support of Mr. Eric and Dale of US Embassy. Over 25 players are playing in their League, we understand system of Little League after participating in New Delhi Little League. Then we launch our website www.bsllcindia.com in which we try to put our all development and achievement. We also got recognition from Amateur Baseball Federation of India, Softball Association of India, Delhi Softball Association and Baseball Association of Delhi.

They all are supporting us because we are the nursery of both organizations and our kids participating in their National Championships, In May 2008 Mr. Jim Small visited our ground along with Mr. Joel Ehrendrich who work like our family member at that time. Mr. Small donated equipment to us we are very grateful to him. Time to time Mr. Joel also donate equipment to us, even he transferred from India to Singapore then also he very much support to us time to time he is taking upto date our organization. Directorate of Education, NCT Delhi supported us in big manner. They started free of cost coaching for Baseball, Softball in their centres for school students in which they provide equipments and coach.

They had started two regular centres, Govt. Sarvodaya Co-ed Sr. Sec. School, Possangipur and SKV Hari Nagar L-Block where at present we are running 12 other summer vacation coaching centres across Delhi for that we are very much thankful to Dte of Education and School Staff. In March, 2010 again Mr. Anoop Kumar and Dinesh Yadav visited USA for Little League Congress to understand working system of Little League with experience of that visit we start first Baseball Softball Little League in India with 16 teams namely, Tigers, Lions, Aryans, Angels, Navyug, Pirates, Panthers, Vedant, Rose, Petals, Cubs, Rudra, Delhi Riders, Delhi Bulls. In this League every team has to play 12 matches.

Main aim to allow every kid who want to play Baseball and Softball, let allow him so that he can avail his childhood right to play, so we start Little League and we succeed a lot and now we have plan to start it in other schools also we have plan to teach game rules to atleast 5000 kids in all over Delhi. This year simultaneously increased number of players. We are glad that Mr. Jim Small, Vice President Asia Major League Baseball is again coming to India and we will welcome them to our Little League and inaugurate our lights in Govt. School, Possangipur. We are also thankful to Director Sports, Delhi University, Addl. Director Sports, Dte. of Education, Media persons for time to time valuable coverage, our coaches for their devotion and finally to our players for their dedication towards Game.